IT/Network Security Advisory

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Soteryx provides our customers the expertise to anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment. We partner to build better programs and controls, addressing  varying regulations and regulatory risks.

Soteryx provides our customers with Information Technology and Network security that is  focused on protecting the integrity and usability of their network and data. We best-in-class services include both hardware and software technologies, proving critical security that manages access to their networks. We target a variety of threats – both common and customized – to prevent and mitigate them from entering and/or spreading across their networks.

  • Protect data via secure cloud storage and secure servers

  • Harden network operations to protect from cyberattacks

  • Deliver Device, Autonomous Vehicle, Drone, Machine, and Plant security and risk assessments

  • Deploy Internet of Things technologies, Mixed Reality solutions, and Artificial Intelligence platforms that enable secure operations