Cyber Advisory

Understanding cyberattacks and cyber threats is a small part of the information you need to protect yourself or your company. It is critical to understand how cyber attacks occur. More than 80% of cyberbreaches are the result of individuals or employees unwittingly enabling the breach. Soteryx focuses on countering social engineering practices by bad actors.

We work to change behaviors through training and education about cyber threats that are likely to be introduced through phishing, software viruses, software worms, and more. Soteryx provides exhaustive risk advisory services focused preparing, preventing, and responding to cyber threats.


Boards of directors, senior management, and security professionals recognize the threat that cyber risk presents to enterprise, small business, and personal operations.

We work with organizations and individuals to develop a multi-faceted approach to protection. We construct a personalized approach that includes the following:

  • Identify the source of the risk to quantify potential impacts associated with cyber attack disruptions, compromised intellectual property & data, legal exposure, and reputational damage.

  • Develop comprehensive security strategies, governance programs & policies, and implement a prioritized remediation plan based on best practices.

  • Implement controls that support organizations in identifying, detecting, preventing, responding, and recovering from cyber events.


“The Soteryx team conducted a security assessment in close collaboration with my IT team. Their work proved to be a comprehensive and unobtrusive process that yielded a solid security road map of key findings. They helped me prioritize the actions I needed to take to better secure my business.”

Tracey Brennan, M.D.

Tracey Brennan, M.D.