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In a global economy, businesses cannot survive without the constant engagement of data in cyberspace. Yet, increasing internet reliance leaves businesses more vulnerable than ever to threats to their data and information. Cyber attacks against businesses are growing at a geometric rate. Even more frightening is the fact that most of these attacks occur without the victims’ knowledge. Data is always at risk of being stolen or corrupted. Cybersecurity is the only solution to this problem that can’t be avoided. Soteryx can prepare you to secure your company's digital information and assist you in managing any crisis.

Our team of security experts have over 50 years of combined experience in cybersecurity – CIA, Navy SEALS, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, we have major players in this space .

Using four critical areas of cybersecurity, Soteryx identifies strengths and vulnerabilities to help ensure that businesses and governments move beyond their standard level of cybersecurity to what is required in today’s evolving digital ecosphere.

Cybersecurity Services

Security Training

We will assist your company in building strong information security habits that should be integrated into everyday work.

Fraud & Security Intelligence

We utilize an analytics and investigation-driven approach to mitigate fraud and security challenges with an emphasis on monitoring, modeling and data collection.

Disaster Recovery

Without access to our data, we cannot function. In the event of a catastrophic failure in a colocation facility, or at a company's server room, a company must be able to recover its IT functionality and its data to continue business operations. Soteryx has online disaster recovery facilities that are specifically designed to deal with such a possibility. We have extensive expertise that can give you the security of knowing that you can survive the worst case scenario.

Risk Management

Soteryx identifies, assesses, and prioritizes your security risks and threats then creates a strategic plan to minimize, monitor, and control the occurrence of cyber attacks as well as the impact of adverse critical events.

Crisis Monitoring

Soteryx takes an integrated approach to cyberattack events. From helping you prepare for possible attacks to actual crisis engagement, we monitor your systems and communicate with you every step we take to in the process of getting your business back to normal.

Business Continuity

We help our partners develop a plan and implement a solution that ensures continued access to critical data, email systems, and business applications. Downtime is contingent on preparedness. The goal: get you back to normal as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Data Security Audit & Compliance

Soteryx works with you to ensure that your data systems are properly protected from a data breach. Our audits highlight vulnerabilities, and provide remediation measure that ensure you are protected from the risk of losing or suffering data compromise. Soteryx's auditors can assist you in preparing for compliance audits, such as PCI-DSS, SOC2/3, EI3PA, and HIPPA.

Network Hardening

We provide expertise to properly configure perimeter controls, network operation policies, secure remote access solutions, usage solutions, email and other data access needs.

Network Scanning & Penetration Testing

Soteryx provides network scanning services and penetration testing to assist our clients in identifying and resolve vulnerabilities into a company's network or data systems. Scanning assists a company to determine vulnerabilities n firewall, router, and server configuration at the perimeter. We assist our clients in emediating these vulnerabilities.

Incident Response

Soteryx's multi-tiered response to a data breach or other security incident ncludes thorough investigation, defensive hardening, corporate education, threat mitigation, and public relations to handle any possible PR fallout.


Industries housing personal information have special exposure and heightened vulnerability. If compromised, those industries face significant litigation that can be extremely costly. Soteryx helps safeguard your systems to ensure personal Client information is not violated. We recognize that a large part of the compliance process is working with our partners to conform to standards such as: PCI, SSAE16, EI3PA or HIPPA. Implementing compliance standards can often be an arduous process. Our expertise can lift that burden and make the process more streamlined.

Cybersecurity Policy

Security Policies are the backbone of a strong cyber defense. Soteryx will help you create tailored cybersecurity policies that not only protect your business data and IT infrastructure, but will also train your employees to be the first line of defense in your digital network.

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