we help in understanding, responding and mitigating risk — positioning you for readiness in the short term, leading to success in the long term


Helping customers effectively understand, mitigate, and respond to risk, putting their business in the best position to respond in the short term and succeed in the long term.

Individuals and public & private entities face recurring risks associated with cyberattacks, cyberbreaches, reputation & brand damage, environmental dangers, terrorism, insider threats, political dangers, workplace violence, and much more. Managing risk has evolved with the onset of more complex and increasing threats. With risk come ambiguities that impact individual and organizational decisions. The International Standards Organization very clearly and succinctly defines risk as “the effect of uncertainty on objectives,” which focuses on the effect of incomplete knowledge of events or circumstances on decision making. Individual and organizational risk management is about managing uncertainty in a structured approach.

Is your organization’s leadership and governance pre-positioned to deal with risk? Does your organization have the tools and the talent to develop and roll out a solid risk management framework with integrated processes and management systems that ensure consistency and effectiveness of management control? Soteryx partners with our customers to build out a structured approach to identify, understand, prepare, prevent, and respond to horizontal risks. This approach leads to a reduction in uncertainty which helps our customers make better decisions to manage and mitigate risks.

Risk Management Services

Security Advisory

Most organizations fail to take proper security measures to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to their facilities, people and networks. Soteryx works with our customers to perform comprehensive Security Audits that include a broad spectrum of methods to deter potential threats, which often involve technology-based methodologies. We implement physical security measures that protect your executives, facilities, resources, equipment, and data.

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Snapshot of Services

Threat Management Security Audits

Policy & Procedure Review & Development Active Shooter

Security Master Planning Travel Security Planning

Information Security Executive Protection

Insider Threats Natural Disasters

Terrorist Attacks Sabotage

Malicious Acts Workplace Violence Training

Criminal Attack Corporate Espionage

Technical Surveillance Technical Countermeasures


“The Soteryx team conducted security assessment in close collaboration with my IT team. Their work proved to be a comprehensive and unobtrusive process that yielded a solid security roadmap of key findings. They helped me prioritize the actions I needed to take to better secure my business”

Tracey Brennan, M.D.

Tracey Brennan, M.D.

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