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Soteryx Business Intelligence Division

The Soteryx Business Intelligence Division (BID) works with our partners to identify, analyze and mitigate risk through global due diligence, investment intelligence and innovative compliance tools. We are focused on pre-hiring diligence, outside-the-box investment intelligence, and both proactive and reactive compliance risk-mitigation. We conduct sophisticated, deep-dive investigations on individuals, entities and situations in order to help our clients understand risks and opportunities. We have developed unique compliance technologies, supporting our clients by providing tools to identify potential insider risks.

In addition to providing business intelligence capabilities, we have helped clients build out their own internal capabilities around due diligence, compliance and investigations. In today's world of managing expense, many clients are choosing to in-source these capabilities but still require the thought partnership to stand up these operations. 

Our Team

Our team is made up of seasoned intelligence professionals, including former U.S. government intelligence operatives (CIA, DOD) as well as private sector leaders experienced in developing best-in-class due diligence and investigative capabilities for public companies and hedge funds.  We have also developed innovative technology offerings that allow our clients to identify and evaluate specific types of compliance data and risk proactively.  

The Approach

Our approach is driven by our clients needs. In a given project we may leverage a combination of human source intelligence gathering and public source analysis (legal/regulatory concerns, media and social networks/risks, relationships with potential risk) and capability analysis. The collective data collection and analysis becomes the backbone of our situational advice, arming our clients not simply with facts but recommendations based on situation.  We understand that all our clients have a spectrum of risks they are willing to take and unique cultures. Our intelligence gathering always reflects the organization from which they are conducted. We approach problem-solving and risk mitigation with an outside-the-box way of thinking that leads to innovative and improved results for our clients.

Why Soteryx?

Soteryx does not have a one-size fits all approach to intelligence gathering. Everything is bespoke, and conducted with the specific needs of each client. As a boutique consultancy, we value developing deep, long-term relationships with a handful of customers we know extremely well and can therefore provide best-in-class intelligence capabilities. 


With offices in New York, Paris and London, we provide our clients tailor-made solutions for their most difficult and sensitive problems.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is a process of identifying and analyzing data and presenting actionable information to help clients mitigate risk. In today's world, the volume of information available creates opportunity, but also "noise". Cutting through the data and the noise and finding both hard-to-get intelligence and intelligence that will be actionable for our clients, is the purpose of business intelligence. Business Intelligence is a strategic and competitive advantage for our clients, allowing them to make better hiring decisions, better investments, and better risk-decisions. 

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