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Partnering with Soteryx

Soteryx Corp. partners with businesses helping them transition to and win in the digital economy. We focus first on ensuring that our customers operate securely in the technology ecosphere using IoT to create and deepen relationships with core and non-core stakeholders. We do this by working with customers to identify and collect their stakeholders’ structured and unstructured data, analyze this data, then use the insights to engage their publics. By helping our customers integrate IoT technologies in their operations effectively, we help them gain a significant competitive advantage within their industries.

Being a partner with our customers means that they have a team that is with them lock-step through the good times and the bad. Our team uses our expertise and our technology to diligently and continuously monitor for issues and crises. We remain positioned to mitigate any and all issues and crises, ensuring business continuity.

Office Locations

United States

18 Division Street, Suite 207A
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
United States
Phone: 518-886-1076

410 North Rossmore Avenue, Suite 308
Los Angeles, California 90004
United States

Latin America

Zapiola 1957  2 "A"
Buenos Aires. CP .1428
Phone: +549-116-123-1415


Unit 11, 44 Orchard place
E140 0JU
Phone: +447-506-629-529

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